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Greywater Systems for Gardens

We have a great opportunity to conserve water by reusing the water from shower, bathtub and washing machine use. Such water is called greywater or graywater depending on who you talk to. An average four person household sends well over 38,000 gallons of reusable water down the drain each year from bathrooms and laundries. This water could be used for watering lawns and gardens. Fresh drinking water is not a infinite resource.  It's been said that in the near future water will become the next oil in terms of scarcity and worldwide demand.

We have found an affordable and simple to install/use greywater reuse system made for yard and garden irrigation called G- Flow. During those wet weather times you can divert the greywater back into the septic system with a built in valve. The unit pictured above is made in Australia.

For more information on this system visit Greywater.

Vortex Water Revitalizers for Gardens

Research has shown that today's domestic water has lost most of its life and nourishment compared to pristine spring water. Gardens watered with revitalized water requires less watering and tends to show healthier plants. You can install a whole house filter to benefit from revitalized water or a simple unit on your sink for drinking and cooking. For more information visit Water Revitalizers.

Composting Toilets

We use Sun Mar composting toilets on our property which is better for the environment than tradtional flush toilets that require septic tanks and drain fields. For more information visit Composting Toilets.

Permaculture Books

One of the best permaculture books we have read is Gaia's Garden by Toby Hemenway. This was the first book we read when we first discovered permaculture.

We also learned a great deal of information about sheet mulch gardening from reading Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza. This book gives techniques for building soil and how to plant many types of vegetables in a lasagna garden.

Sources for Permaculture Plants

Edible Landscaping, 361 Spirit Ridge Lane, Afton, VA 22920, 800-524-4156,, we ordered wineberries from them and they are doing well

Raintree Nursery, 391 Butts Road, Morton, WA 98356, 800-391-8892,, we ordered most of our plants from them, can order yeararound

Hidden Springs Nursery, 170 Hidden Springs Lane, Cookeville, TN 38501, 931-268-2592,, ordered many plants from them (bareroot) and only ship in Fall/Winter. Sell out fast.

Coe's Comfrey, 1328 Partridge Creek Road, Topton, NC 28781, 828-321-4913,

Hwy 19 North, Dahlonega GA