Permaculture Lifestyles
Living in Harmony With Nature by Designing Sustainable Human Settlements

Located in North Georgia

Have you ever wanted to grow some of your own fruits and vegetables to eat healthier, save money and have the satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from?

Have you thought about converting your monocultured grass yard that is dependent upon chemicalgarden using sheet mulching fertilizers and pesticides to survive and thrive into a landscape that works with nature to provide food for wildlife and your family?

Are you interested in creating a landscape that requires less effort, less mowing, less work while providing an environment that helps the Earth cope with climate change and reduces pollution of rivers and streams?

Incorporating Permaculture elements and design principles into your landscape makes it all possible by working with nature and not against it.

This site is about permaculture, a way of living and working developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the 1970s based on their observation of Nature's systems.

Permaculture offers productive ways to live with the Earth and on the Earth.

We have found that it encompasses all aspects of life from gardening, providing shelter and water, to living in community.

At Permaculture Lifestyles, our focus is on helping others to incorporate permaculture into everyday life for a better life like we have done.

We are creating a demonstration site at our North Georgia eco-planted permaculture swalefriendly bed and breakfast inn property showing how permaculture works. Workshops and seminars are also offered to those wanting to learn more about this sustainable design science and how to incorporate the concepts into their lifestyle.

We also provide consulting at your property to help you achieve a permaculture lifestyle.

Join us today in helping make this earth a better place and your own life more fulfilling.